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Awning Repair & Maintenace Hampshire – Our Services

We install, maintain, service, and repair all makes and types of awnings across Hampshire and surrounding areas. We can fix your awning or sunshade.

If you are in Hampshire and are having trouble finding someone to repair/fix your awning, then contact us for a chat. We travel far and wide for awning repairs, both residential and commercial. We have many happy clients across Hampshire and West Hampshire we have repaired awnings and sunshades everywhere from Ringwood and Lymington in the west, to Southampton, Andover, and Winchester in the middle, to Portsmouth, Basingstoke, Alton, and Farnborough in the east, and everywhere in between.

We can source original or aftermarket components and fabrics to fix/repair your awning. If you have an issue and want it dealt with swiftly just give us a call and we will quickly try to initiate a repair. We specialise in ‘Shade That Works’.

Awning repair and maintenance Hampshire

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Shade That Works Van fixing awnings in Hampshire

Awning Maintenance and Repair Hampshire – Working Perfectly

By arrangement, we can make annual maintenance checks on your awning, ensuring it’s safe, secure, and maintenance-free when you need it most.

Our awning maintenance service in Hampshire includes a call-out visual inspection of the mechanical and electrical components; it also includes an inspection of the brackets that are holding the awning onto the wall and any adjustments to the awning.

We will check for any worn or damaged components and replace them before any failure occurs. Regular awning maintenance can save the larger costs of awning repairs or breakages in the future.

Regular awning maintenance will help keep your awning running trouble-free for many years helping us eliminate the sort of issues and repairs listed in the following sections.

Retailers often re-brand awnings but are using common manufacturers and parts.

Most awning retailers have a 5-year guarantee. If you are within that guarantee, then please contact the retailer first to save money! If you are outside that guarantee, then we can help.

We cover almost any awning manufacturer and can repair awnings from the following retailers:

  • Thomas Sanderson awning repair

  • Appeal Shading branded Haus awning repair

  • Nation Wide Home Innovations awning repair

  • Hilarys awning repair

  • Roche Patio awning repair

  • Luxaflex awning repair

  • Sampson Outdoor Living awning repair

  • …and many others!

  • Thomas Sanderson awning repair

  • Appeal Shading branded Haus awning repair

  • Nation Wide Home Innovations awning repair

  • Hilarys awning repair

  • Roche Patio awning repair

  • Luxaflex awning repair

  • Sampson Outdoor Living awning repair

  • …and many others!

Do you need a replacement Awning Motor in Hampshire?

Replacement awning motor Hampshire

Should your awning motor need replacing we can come and install a new awning motor which can often be installed onsite rather than taking the awning away. It’s one of the key items that need attention with awnings. We replace awning/sunshade/canopy motors across Hampshire, but also across all surrounding areas.

A new awning motor will fit inside the tubing that the fabric is wrapped around. You will not be able to view it, so we will come to you and establish the make, model, power, diameter, and any adaptors you might need.  All these items must be correct for us to fit a new awning motor. We also keep a large range of new awning motors in stock so that we can install a new motor to get your awning up and running again as quickly as possible.

Signs that you may need a new awning motor are:

  • Awning motor making a clicking noise
  • Awning motor buzzing noise
  • Awning motor making a grinding noise
  • Awning stuck out
  • Awning stuck in
  • Awning not retracting
  • Awning will not move
  • Awning will not respond
  • Awning is going in on its own
  • Awning is going out on its own
  • Awning handset unresponsive
  • Awning switch unresponsive

Does your awning need electrical repair in Hampshire?

Awning Electrical Repair Hampshire

Electrical problems range widely with awnings, but we are experts at identifying the problem and knowing the best way to fix it. Electrical awning repair targets include the power supply, cabling, junction boxes and fuses. Sometimes it’s very simple… and sometimes it’s a little more complicated! We cover all of Hampshire for awning and sunshade electrical and mechanical repairs and maintenance.

We will come and perform a site survey of your awning/canopy/sun shade and detail the requirements for the electrical repair. We
can either fix the problem immediately or make it safe and give you a breakdown of the issue with an accurate cost for the electrical repair.

We can repair or supply new awning motors, rewire awnings, upgrade old electrical wiring and awning systems to current specification. If expertly assess that a part will be perfectly good to work after repair, then we will let you know. We work responsibly with materials and won’t replace something unless absolutely necessary. Shade That Works always considers repairs first, then responsible sourcing to protect the environment.

Mechanical problems may show up as:

  • Awning will not extend
  • Awning will not retract
  • Awning is not straight
  • Awning is dropping to one side
  • Awning will not close properly
  • Awning is making a grinding noise
  • Awning is making a banging noise
  • Awning is juddering

Do you need replacement receivers, switches, handsets, or sensors in Hampshire?

Replacement controllers and sensors Hampshire

If an awning receiver, switch, handset, or sensor is faulty it is easily replaceable. We will come and identify the correct Awning receiver, handset, or sensor to ensure you are up and running as soon as possible. Don’t be without a functional awning in Hampshire.. where the sun is always shining! 🙂

We also stock a wide range of awning handsets, switches, receivers, and sensors in our vans so that we can easily and quickly install a replacement for you to save time and money.

Should we not carry the part you need, then we will order one, and let you know the time for delivery and replacement so your awning is up and running again when you need it.

You can read more about awning controls and sensors here:

These problems can often show up as:

  • Awning unresponsive
  • Awning seems responsive, but then not moving
  • Awning retracting by itself
  • Awning extending by itself

Do your awning lights or heaters need replacing in Hampshire?

Awning light and heater repair Hampshire

We are experts in a large range of awning lights/light bars, and heaters and can help if you want to replace or repair them.  We can easily fix straightforward items like changing blown bulbs, and broken LED lights. We can also replace awning heater elements and upgrade them to the latest technology. If you need anything relating to repair, maintenance, and/or replacement of awning or sunshade lighting and heating in Hampshire, then we can help.

Sometimes it is better to replace the awning lights, light bar or heaters to get the best value for money as over the past 5 years technology has moved on.

If you currently do not have awning lighting or awning heaters we can obtain and install them to your existing awning.
You can find out more about our lighting here:
You can find out more about our heaters here:

Has your awning come away from the wall, or looks loose?

Fixing awning fixings and fittings Hampshire

Do you have a problem with the awning coming away from the wall?  Do not use the awning! If you can, retract the awning if safe to do so and contact us immediately contact us. If you live in Hampshire, then we can visit to check your awning or sunshade fixings and fittings to make things safe and secure.

We will come and make the awning safe or remove it from the wall. This will also limit the damage it can do to your property, the awning, and anyone standing near it. Following our visit and inspection we will advise you on the appropriate brackets and fittings to ensure it does not happen again.

These problems can often show up as:

  • Awning is not straight on the wall
  • Awning is not straight when out
  • Awning when out is lower than before
  • Signs of fallen masonry under where the bracket is fitted to the wall
  • Awning making a banging noise when closing
  • Awning moving where it meets the wall

The Shade That Works – Awning Re-covering Service in Hampshire

Awning re-covering fabric replacement Hampshire

A great way of refurbishing your awning and making it look like new again is to change the awning fabric. Recovering your awning with new awning fabric is a simple way of renovating your awning and has the maximum effect, giving it a fresh new look. Hampshire is a sunny place and a new awning cover will be a must have during the summer.

We have 171 awning fabrics to choose from including Acrylics, Polyesters, and fabrics made from 85% recycled plastic bottles which are more environmentally friendly.

You can read more about our awning fabric range here:

Not all awning fabrics are the same. Our fabrics are solution dyed for long-lasting and consistent colour and are treated to be both dirt and water-repellent. Our fabric will protect you with a UV radiation shielding of at least 93.3%. You can read more about awning qualities here:

Your fabric may be time expired, dirty stained, or damaged as the awning if not been adjusted properly. Some of the signs that you need a new awning fabric are:

  • Awning Fabric ripped
  • Awning fabric faded
  • Awning fabric damaged
  • Awning fabric dirty
  • Awning fabric stained
  • Awning fabric is frayed
  • Stitching is failing
  • Valance is damaged
  • Valance is dirty
  • Valance is frayed


Here you will find some frequently asked questions. Click on a filter at the top to narrow down your search. If you have any questions not covered here, or simply need some help, then please get in touch.

Is there a call out charge?2024-03-04T14:29:34+00:00

We do charge for call-outs. However, we normally try to fix the problem on-site within this cost if it is something quite simple. If we need to get parts, then we will count your call-out as a site survey and then send a quotation with all the information.

Which method of payments do you accept?2024-03-04T12:28:46+00:00

Please contact with us by email or phone and we will be happy to discuss it personally.

Do you need planning permission for an awning?2024-03-04T12:27:38+00:00

No planning permission is required, if you are a commercial building and you are having the awning sign written then it will come under signage regulation. If you would like sound advice, then please get in touch.

Do you use sub-contractors?2024-03-04T12:26:23+00:00

No we carry our all the work ourselves.

What are the types of operation available?2024-03-04T12:25:43+00:00

We offer both manual crank operated and motorised awnings, and repair both types of awning.

Do awnings offer weather protection?2024-03-04T12:24:28+00:00

An awning fitted at a 15-degree pitch will self-drain rainwater from the surface. If it is windy refer to the wind class of your awning which will let you know which wind speed the awning is rated for.  Guarantees do not cover your awning if left open during weather outside its operational rating.
Obviously, do not let snow build up on your awning.

How long will the work take from order to completion?2024-03-04T12:21:09+00:00

We say allow up to 6 weeks if you are having an awning or cover made. If we are buying in and installing replacement parts allow 4 weeks.
If we have the components in stock we can often fix the problem instantly onsite while we do our site survey.
Don’t leave your awing repair too late. Contact us now so we can help before it’s needed.

Do you offer service contracts?2024-03-04T12:19:23+00:00

Yes we can come and service your awning annually to ensure that it is safe and continues to work correctly.

What guarantees are available?2024-03-04T12:18:29+00:00

Guarantees are generally up to 5 years. Upon quotation we will inform you of the warranty period.

How do I book a survey?2024-03-04T12:17:36+00:00

Call us or send us an email and we will schedule a suitable appointment. It’s most useful for us if you complete the contact form and add an image to help with your requirements.

Can I have an awning fitted in front of a gutter?2024-03-04T12:15:11+00:00

Yes, we have a range of Gutter Brackets that will enable us to lift the awning up above the gutter of your home.

What is the longest projection I can have an awning?2024-03-04T12:14:32+00:00

4m is the longest projection that we supply.

How wide can I have an awning?2024-03-04T12:13:32+00:00

Up to 7.5m wide in one piece and 21m wide when joined together.

Do I have enough space to fit an awning?2024-03-04T12:13:42+00:00

We have awnings of many types and sizes, send us a photo and a brief description of what you would like.

Can I have an awning on a single story building?2024-03-04T12:13:48+00:00

Yes you can. We have a range of bracketing options which are specially tailor made to enable us to fit an awning securely onto you wall.

How to measure an awning cover2024-03-04T12:10:53+00:00

Measure the width of the fabric and the projection then add 30mm (3cm) to the projection of the awning. This will be your cover size.

Awning pulling out from wall2024-03-04T12:09:52+00:00

Keep the awning rolled in, do not operate it or stand under it. We will call out and make it safe for you.

Mechanical component broken (arm, wall bracket, casing etc)2024-03-04T12:09:00+00:00

Send a photo and a brief description of the problem and we will give you an indicative cost of the replacement parts.

Fabric ripped or damaged2024-03-04T12:08:02+00:00

Although fabric cannot be repaired we can remove the old fabric cover and supply you with a new one.

Lost/damaged controller2024-03-04T12:07:17+00:00

We can supply and program a new controller to your awning. Send a photo of the controller and we will supply a replacement.

Awning retracts on its own2024-03-04T12:06:22+00:00

This is normally caused by a faulty sun, wind or rain sensor. We will call out and diagnose the problem.

Awning doesn’t retract2024-03-04T12:04:56+00:00

This is normally either the controller, power issue or motor failure. We will come and diagnose the problem.

Awning makes a noise but doesn’t move2024-03-04T12:02:20+00:00

This is normally a jam of some kind, either caused by the arms, casing or the motor. We will come and diagnose the problem.

Awning doesn’t respond to controller2024-03-04T12:00:34+00:00

This could be a controller connection issue, a power issue or a receiver in the motor. We will diagnose the problem and send you a quotation.

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